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Bob, thank you for completing the Website Inquire form. This information is needed so I can give you a “tiny little quote” to redesign your GlobeBleu Website.

The new Globebleu website would/could incorporate your desires and aspiration, including new elements a private login for each group, a photo gallery, past trips, group signup inquiry sheet, etc. You want to promote your biz, highlight travel adventures, and have a way for clients to connect to you. I have a couple of thoughts, but I’d like to hear what you want/desire first.

The password to access the development work will be on my domain www.jacquelinespence.com. Password is: bob@globlebleu

I have some downtime now and would be happy to move forward it you’re ready. I will also send you another inquiry form for you consulting website. It need some “tender love also”.

You mentioned during our last meet up that you had a budget for the website. I’m not sure which one. Don’t panic about $$, its more important that I do a good job on the website and provide a strategy and elements to generate traffic and promote your service.

Let’s get started.